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Deep in the fir and oak forests sits Branos Carnutodrûidon (Raven of the Carnutes Druid). A practitioner of Stoicism, Alchemy, and Liminality. He is a Priest of Awen and a Gaulish Druid Pagan focused on illuminating the individual.
He is the Druið (One who Knows Drus) and the Auetos that is the Protector/Keeper, basicaly the Gate Keeper of Galatîs Litauiâs and Drunemeton. A founder and Delgaunos/keeper of the Touta and its bessus. He is the owner and founder of the Gaulish Polytheism webite.

He has studied the different Realms of Druidry and that of the Senodruides (Ancient Druids) for two decades or so years. He has found his way as a member of the Grand Grove of Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA), which he is a Companion and helps to admin their Discord server. Within that tradition, he is working towards Priesthood in the Gnostic Celtic Church. He is also studying with River Jones to become a Funeral Celebrant. A member and Druid in many diffrent Orders. He spends much time in Stoic books and in deep thought about Alchemy of the self who also studies Ornithology and many different philosophies.
A practicing Galatis for over a decade. In those years, a couple of folks and Branos formed Bessus Nouiogalation (BNG), a Gaulish tradition. He was the spiritual leader (The Ueletos) of Touta Galation for few until he left that and created Galatîs Litauiâs and invited others to help in its formation.
His approach is a little different than others as it is not that of Revival or Reconstructionism but rather that which he calls Reconectionism. He does not dismiss the others; it's just not his outcome. A reconstructionist in his research, a revivalist in his approach, and a reconnectionist in what he crafts.
His focus is that of the Paleolithic to the late Bronze age, but truly all that leads up to what we call Gaul, So he does a lot of looking at European History at a time before the PIE migration into Europe in what is called Old Europe.
As his name suggests, he looks at himself and his symbolic approach towards reconnecting to Gaul as a Raven of the Senodruides (Ancient Druides). As he looks back at them, he can't determine what they truly are doing as he sit in the trees watching from above. But rather he can make out bits and pieces and fly to other places to piece together the shiny things to try and create a form of what they did in today's world, and that's where Drunemeton comes in. Brining the mysteries from the otherworld into this world. One of the other reasons for the name Branos(Raven) is part of the first stage of the Magnum opus in Alchemy called the Nigredo (blackening) stage The Raven represents the initial stages of the alchemical process where the matter is broken down and purified. So The Raven represents the process of breaking down old structures and beliefs to create new beginnings. Which he utlizes this magic with the world around him to help people reach into their Awen.
His profession is a Blacksmith/Crafter living in the Mountains of Western North Carolina with his wife, a Multifaceted Holistic Healer you can find here site over at The Herbal Alter, and his Daughter, who is also a crafter. They tend to Nature a lot by doing volunteer work for their community. His passions are his lifestyle ~ not a set of hobbies. He is forthright in his tone and can come off as harsh at times which folks that don't know him can be put off by his personality, which is very jolly with an edge. 
Follower of the Trirextoues
The Three Laws That the Senodruides gave to us.
Dugie Dêuûs – “Honor the Gods”
Gneie ne drucon – “Do no evil”
Delge āxtam – “Hold your behavior”

Ambactos Rotî
Servent/ambassador of the wheel
Everything is connected in the great cycle of the cosmic order of things, each leading and affecting the other.- Carnutos
This is a philosophical understanding of our wheel and how its symbolic for many elements in our life. We have many spoked wheels and each has its own teaching to follow. This being those of the Ianoi (Virtues) the Îuoi (holidays) and Cantos Roti (Gifting Cycle). As following these wheels aid one in a greater understanding within and outside the self connecting us to the cosmic flow that is all around us.
A word About the Carnutes
The name Carnutian comes from a powerful Gaulish people in the heart of independent Gaul
The great annual Druides gathering took place in the forests around Cenabum (modern day Orleans,France). The Carnutes were one of the reason for the uprising in Gaul against Roman rule. The Carnutes rised up aginst the imperial ocupation in their lands and sent 12,000 fighting men to relieve Alesia from Caesar's invasion into Gaul but shared in the defeat of the Gallic army against Caesar.
We honor the memory of the past to help guide us in the now.  The Carnutian is the name that the gods gave to him to work in their names and to remember we once were all free peoples. So in his craft, He wants to give acknowledgment to the Old ways our of the Senocarnutes.  
Bringing to light that which has been in the dark for to long.
Find out more abou the Carnutes at 
Sounding of the Carnux
We are judged by our deeds (barnamor uergobi anson)
Sign The Decleration
The Carnutian Nemeton
The personal blog of Branos, Join him as he talks about Gaulish Druidism and Gaulish Paganism.

the basics of Gaulish Paganism.  You will also find Gaulish Pagans working on many things within the Gaulish Community
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The Customs of the Bardos, Uatis, and Druits of Gaul
Galatîs Litauiâs
Galatîs Litauiâs (Galatis of the Earth) is a Gaulish Uarinâ (Commons) for the greater Gaulish community. We are affiliated with Gaulish and
The Nemeton
Learn all about Druidry
The Carnutian Workshop
Pagan archaic inspired Creations, tools, wear, furnishings, Hand Forged Knives, Old World Games, Jewelry, Divination Tools, and More
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