I started this project because those of us in the Gaulish Polytheism community are helping to reconstruct The old gods and the ways of belief. Unfortunately 
There is not that much information on the Gaulish pantheon of gods and goddesses. i wanted to have something that represented these gods there is a lot of research that goes into this. These drawing are my interpretation of these gods i go into this as if these gods evolved with us in writings and stories. They share their iconography and imagery from statues and what writings we do have of them. So these will be a set of oracle cards with a booklet each god and Goddess will represent a divianitory symbolism so you can get to know them more personally.  the information within this evocation is by no means just for Divination they will also be for those that just want to learn more of the old gods. Drawing these gods and goddesses are an evocation in its own right i have become closer to them spending my thoughts with them. im not sure how many cards will be in the deck just yet but the book im doing will have all them. i will keep updating this with new art work.